How an Intro Process can Make a Difference

intro process

The intro process is the primary means by which an owner gets to shape and influence his community. An authentic and integrated intro process can help an owner position his Affiliate’s value instead of trying to compete on price.

Components of the intro process should be chosen based on identifying the kind of community the owner wants to cultivate and then actively making decisions to structure each part of the process to support that goal. By structuring the process intentionally there will develop a natural law of attraction whereby those who are aligned will want to naturally join the community. An indicator that the process is well developed is when, very occasionally, an owner encounters an individual who would not be a good fit for his community and can communicate this with empathy.

To walk through an example with these ideas, imagine your gym is new and currently consists of 55 members. Most of these folks are your personal friends, thus the pre- and post-workout community aspect is very strong. You want to use this strength and attract more like-minded athletes.

It’s all about welcoming new friends. You start with making the enrollment a low key process, in which folks can enroll ahead of time or join class last minute and be welcomed the same.

Next comes the bulk of your work. You want people to feel connected. That is what your community is about. You do this by creating an inviting environment. You have upbeat music playing. You’ve asked a few outgoing members to regularly participate in the free class as a casual social support, and they greet the prospects and start to get to know them.

Class begins with more connection. Prospects are asked to partner up and learn interesting facts about one another. Then everyone shares the most interesting fact with the group. Afterwards, those partners transition into the warm-up and the workout together, which allows each person to connect with someone specific throughout the session.

To further make everyone feel part of the group and to keep the class friendly, the workout is structured as an AMRAP. This ensures that everyone starts and ends the workout at the same time and no one is singled out.

After the workout comes one last opportunity for connection with partner-based stretching and an opportunity to chat with one another about the misery of the workout.

Through this specific process, and the way the class has been structured, you’ve made sure folks know that community friendships come first. You’ve prioritized connection in every aspect of the session and that is something that your prospects will leave with. You’ve used the session to show them who you are.

The concept of the structure of this session can be applied to developing a session at any gym. It requires introspective thought about the impact of each piece of the intro. When all the pieces are woven together, they tell a story, and that story is best when it gives prospects an accurate representation of your community. That will attract the members for which you’re looking.


By Megan Welch, sales manager at CF Dashboard. For more information, call 714.612.3380 or email