4 Ways to Conquer Small Business Saturday

It’s almost the big day— no, not Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 24. The day that was created as a promotion has turned itself into somewhat of a household name. And amid all the hoopla and madness of Thanksgiving travels and Black Friday shopping it’s easy to get lost in that.

While Small Business Saturday is right around the corner, there are still actionable strategies you can put in place to help your small business find success. Below are four ways you can leverage Small Business Saturday to your advantage as a business owner.

Be Specific

Everyone sees dozens of ads when they are on their phone or browsing on their computer, especially during this time of the year. This means you must be very specific when you advertise what you are doing for Small Business Saturday. Vague messages like “Shop our Black Friday sale” is going to get lost in the content tornado that is holiday sales ads. Instead, tell your customers exactly what to expect and when to expect it. So “Shop Our Black Friday Sale,” could become “Receive 30 percent off our premiere protein this Saturday.” This promotion tells the customer exactly what they are going to get if they come into your Box on that day.

Consider American Express

Since the phrase “Small Business Saturday” was coined by American Express, they provide materials during the holiday season intended to help small businesses succeed and battle the bigger chained companies. American Express will provide email templates, social media graphics and support to market the big day. You can download the kit for free on their site.

Use Yourself as a Marketing Tool

One major reason people support small businesses is to support the dreams of their local community members. You are the secret sauce of your business. Use this time to get a little personal with your community on social media. Share your struggles of opening up shop, why this industry is your passion and what you hope your business will look like in the future. Catering to the emotional side of humans can make them more loyal to your brand.

Partner With Other Businesses

Do you have other wellness or fitness businesses in your community? Is there a health food store nearby or a yoga studio around the corner? See if the owners of these businesses would want to partner up and offer joint deals as a way to intermix the two audiences. Cross promotion between businesses has proven itself very successful and can be a great way to show the community in your area that you all support one another.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.