Four Storage Ideas for the CrossFit Gym


Layout is always a popular topic in the world of the gym owner.

Where you put your rig and lounge is vital to the flow of the Box. More than one Affiliate has shared about that importance. But every gym is different in how the space is set up.

However, one thing every gym has in common is a need for storage. Whether it’s storing barbells, plates or ab mats, there are a ton of ideas for how to store each and every piece of your equipment. From racks to simply putting something in the corner, every Affiliate does it differently.

At CrossFit Sanitas, a jump rope holder keeps the gym’s ropes untangled. Signage also helps direct people to what ropes go where.

“It’s from Rogue. They don’t get tangled and they don’t wear out at the bottom anymore,” said Melissa Roza, the owner of the gym in Boulder, Colorado.

CrossFit H-Town in Houston, Texas, has unique wall ball holders. Owner Theo Tsekouras said being in a small space, he had to get creative with storage.

The gym also has creative storage pieces like octagonal cubicles in the lobby. Tsekouras said pieces like these make his Box unique, especially being located in the arts district.

Barbell storage offers the choice between horizontal and vertical storage, depending on your layout. PJ Menagh at CrossFit Tigard P.A.W keeps his barbells in vertical storage, using PVC pipes to keep the barbell clips in order.

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