Wild Mountain Wholesale

Wild Mountain Wholesale

Wild Mountain Wholesale grew out of the need to provide an alternative to the long-established health food industry model at both the wholesale and retail level. Our inspiration comes from the science-backed, intuitive food movements such as paleo/primal and “real foods,” which feature grain-free and low-carb foods. We have developed the strictest set of ingredient guidelines of any health food supplier.

Our first step was to launch the Wild Mountain Paleo Market website back in 2012 in order to immediately get a large variety of carefully-vetted foods into the hands of anyone that was able to shop over the internet. This was the first and is still the world’s largest online paleo superstore.

Over time we were contacted by stores, clinics, CrossFits and other retailers who wanted to carry our products in their own business. We’re excited that we can now fulfill these requests as a distributor, which is allowing us to make a much bigger impact and contribution toward spreading the message of real health through real foods.

We focus our product lines on small, emerging brands that typically have the best and purest products, but are still in the early stages of development where getting into supermarkets or large distributors is just not possible or practical. It’s critical to support these vendors during the startup phase when they are most vulnerable, allowing them to grow and thrive and continue to expand their great product offerings.

Add value to your members by providing paleo-approved foods, supplements and lifestyle products right in your Box. Your members get the convenience of purchasing these difficult to find products right where they workout, and you get the reward of increased profits without a lot of extra overhead. Wild Mountain Wholesale has over 60 of the best loved brands and 300 products, so one-stop shopping makes your job a whole lot easier. We also offer free shipping at just $275, and you can even buy quantities of one, rather than case-minimums, to see what works. We also have Affiliate deals for your members that would like to shop from our full retail line of over 1,000 products at Wild Mountain Paleo Market. Contact Wild Mountain Wholesale via our website to start your account today: wildmountainwholesale.com