If You Don’t Ask Your Staff, You’ll Never Know


Box Pro’s parent company, Peake Media, is small. Like a Box, we are a tight-knit staff that publishes multiple magazines, holds multiple events and does everything else in between.

As such, everyone has multiple roles, and if you don’t ask the staff, you’ll never know who does what. The graphic team works with editorial and sales. National media managers will double as event planners. Editorial staff personnel are masters of video, photography and ad collection.

Like an Affiliate, we put on multiple hats daily.

However, we would not be doing all these varying tasks without initiative on our part. And we would not have taken initiative if we had not felt like the company would support our endeavors.

Recently, one of our newest writers voiced her passion for all things digital. Speaking for the rest of the editorial team, website optimization wasn’t the highest item on our priority list. I know my digital savviness ends at videography/photography. I don’t get websites like my co-worker.

With her initiative, all of Peake Media’s magazines are on their way to digital optimization. Speaking from a similar experience, she probably has also gained a new sense of value for her position in the company. I mean, who doesn’t feel like part of the team if they are told to run with their ideas? I know I did after taking on videography/photography for the company.

This initiative is twofold. Both parties are benefiting substantially. We are all learning from her, and she is growing in her leadership and confidence, which benefits the company as a whole.

I suppose my point is that while you, Affiliate, may be wearing various hats, you Coaches could wear another hat, too. People are often blessed with multiple talents. And usually, they want to use them.

At my Box, one of our Coaches has her own nutrition program. Another is an extremely talented weightlifter. There are several that work well with kids. All of them have been given opportunities, or created them, to utilize these talents and passions inside and outside of the gym. Several of the programs they’ve created have become extremely successful; in fact, the kids program accounts for one third of the Box’s revenue.

You too could be holding some exceptionally talented staff in your business’ hand. To find out, it can begin with something as simple as a question that prods them into motion. Like my company, your Box just might benefit from creating an environment for your staff’s passions and helping them fly.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.