Nutrition and the Holidays


The holidays are upon us at last.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, kicking off the first of the official festivities. After that, there will be parties, get-togethers and celebrations. Gifts will be given and carols will be sung. Decorative cookies will be made and food will be consumed.

So, it’s time to face the fact that now is not the time to drop the ball on the nutrition conversation.

Sure, your members might prefer you ignore their self-indulgence this season. They might hope you never know about all the cookies they are devouring. However, just because the holidays have rolled around doesn’t mean you can ignore that vital part of fitness.

I saw a very telling meme from BRICK CrossFit the other day that said, “Thanksgiving is one day … Not four. Eat accordingly.”

It’s little truth nuggets like these you can use via social media to help your members out. Remind them fitness doesn’t stop for two months just because a guy in a beard and red suit encourages people to eat cookies. Remind your members why they have worked so hard and the consequences if they binge eat through the end of December.

Maybe it’s time to put on a holiday challenge in your Box. It doesn’t have to be super complicated. It could even be simply helping people stay accountable to one another. Perhaps you can pair willing members together. Help them draw up limits for their “daily cookie consumption” or have them report to one another, and your Coaches, what they ate each week.

Or, maybe it’s simply giving them healthy eating tips via Facebook, like alternative recipes. I chatted with a CrossFitter the other day who swore by his black bean brownie recipe. He told me one of his clients is addicted to brownies and she will eat multiple every day. So, they decided she’d eat one black bean brownie and one regular brownie instead. That way, she was getting more vegetables while also cutting out one of the bad-for-her brownies.

It is simple steps and information, like memes and recipes, that might just save your members from poor nutrition habits this year. Informing them of the consequences of a cookie-binge and helping them find alternate routes through the fattening foods of the holidays will only show how much you care as an Affiliate and as a Coach.

And when they come back from Thanksgiving, they’ll feel like they conquered the first of many celebrations. Help you members this holiday season through tips, tricks and nutritional tidbits via social media.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at