3 Winter Apparel Design Ideas

winter apparel

Winter is coming, which means it’s time for another apparel order.

You got your tanks in for the summer and your Box was rockin’ them weekly. But, as the cold weather sets in, it’s time to think about hoodies, long sleeves and sweatpants. You got your athletes in the habit of wearing your logo around town; that doesn’t have to stop because it snows. However, you need to equip them with the tools.

Here are three design ideas for your winter apparel order:

1. Throwback

Do you still have your first T-shirt design you ever printed? Bring it out of the past and put it on a sweatshirt. Or, take a tank design and get it printed on a long sleeve shirt. You will have new members who will see the design as new. Your veteran athletes might need a new sweatshirt or will realize they don’t have that design on anything but a T-shirt. Plus, it’s less design time for you, your graphic designer, etc. Hopefully you’ve improved the quality of your gear over time as well, so your old members might definitely want one of the winter apparel choices.

2. New

Is there a new logo or fun color you’d like to try? Now is the time. Your members will be caught up in the new design. And with the holidays coming up, your apparel could make great gifts. Or, perhaps it’s time to try making headbands or socks with your brand on it. Maybe even branch out and do some mugs. Members can ask their friends and family for these items as gifts, or even gift them to their friends and family. Can someone say marketing?

3. Holiday Fun

Speaking of the holidays, what about designing some apparel that is specifically winter/holiday-esque? There are tons of fun jingle bell sayings, spooky graphics or Thanksgiving ideas out there. It can be an order that your athletes may never see again. You could even think ahead to Valentine’s Day. Tout the designs and order as a limited-time offering to help increase demand.

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Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.