3 Ways to Improve Athlete Engagement

athlete engagement
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Athlete engagement is important for the long-term success of any Affiliate gym. By engaging with athletes at a deeper level, Box owners improve both retention and referral efforts – two pillars of every successful Box. To build more meaningful relationships and a new level of community, there are a few key areas to focus on: 

1. Elevate the Workout Tracking Experience

With WODs being the connective tissue throughout the Affiliate gym industry, workout tracking is incredibly important for nurturing community relationships. Tracking results means athletes are immediately aware of their progress and consistently receive validation their efforts are paying off.

Even more important, tracking allows the community to come together in a healthy, yet competitive, manner. One of the best ways to improve the tracking experience is through workout tracking platforms that allow athletes to connect and encourage one another. By elevating the workout tracking experience with best-in-breed technology, athletes receive more encouragement and accountability from the community.  

2. Build Community Through Events

Athlete engagement and community building requires more than relationships between Coaches and athletes. It also means supporting the athlete-to-athlete relationships. From educational seminars to offsite socials at a local brewery or park, the ideas are endless for these kinds of community events. Educational seminars give athletes the unique opportunity to learn together, while also providing Box owners a way to strengthen their culture. Offsite socials provide a relaxed opportunity for athletes to connect on a more personal level. Few things fuel camaraderie better than a challenging WOD, but gathering outside of the workout experience gives athletes a chance to strengthen the bonds they started on the gym floor. 

3. Start Conversations on Social Media

There are several effective ways to foster connections throughout an Affiliate gym community using social media. A great way to build deeper relationships and improve athlete engagement is by creating a private, members-only Facebook group in addition to the Affiliate gym’s primary page. Within private spaces like this, Box owners can lead conversations, field questions and even empower the athletes to start their own conversations.

Another example of using social media to build community and athlete empowerment is through video. A great way to get athletes more involved is to share athlete achievements on social channels to boost interaction. Affiliate gyms should also consider doing social media takeovers. In this exchange, an athlete can be added as a contributor to the company’s Instagram account for a day, hosting AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and sparking unique conversations. 

Retention and referrals stem from extraordinary athlete experiences. Generated by engagement and culture, these experiences can be delivered to every athlete by focusing on workout tracking technology, community events and unique social media tactics. 

Kinnick McDonald is the senior director of marketing for Zen Planner. She can be reached at kinnick@zenplanner.com or visit zenplanner.com to download the Affiliate Gym Athlete Retention Guide.