3 Ways to Create Community

Community volunteers organize bins of clothes at clothing drive.

It’s common for multiple CrossFit Boxes to reside within the same city limits, which makes it important for an Affiliate to find a way to stand out amongst the crowd of common, everyday workouts. Initiating different community events and incorporating workouts to benefit members can give your Box the local feel it needs.

Create a strong community vibe with your clients by utilizing one of these three ideas other Affiliates have put into use:


Non-profit charity organizations are usually on a pretty strict budget, and your Box can help by donating the space needed to host a fundraiser. Look into charities that cater to your community, and then branch out further to a national level if need be.

Irwindale CrossFit in Irwindale, California, hosted a “Team Doryan Sweat Challenge,” where teams of two paid a donation fee in order to compete in the workout. The charity is committed to improving the life of children who have been diagnosed with cancer and helps the families of these children.

Look into hosting a memorial WOD or event that honors fallen members of the military or civil servants. Raise money for charitable causes in their names. Other small ideas that can make a large impact can range anywhere from a hurricane donation site to a winter jacket collection center.

Community Events

Community events can often bring a very specialized group of people inside your Box that might otherwise never step foot inside it. Try and incorporate movie nights, book clubs or competitions specific to the needs of your members or those around your Box.

At CrossFit of Aces in Oak Ridge North, Texas, they host an annual “Back-to-School Throwdown” that incorporates the entire family in a night of workouts. Kids as young as pre-school get to participate in a place they might eventually grow up to call a home away from home.

Field Trips

It’s interesting to see how your members interact outside of their normal environment inside your Box. Try doing small field trips on weekends, and see the physical and mental benefits that come from taking your group to a new and encouraging setting.

Start small with a hike, co-ed sports team or even a day at the park, and see the benefits that come from the community of people built outside of the Box. Organize different outdoor activities including paddle boarding, kayaking and snowshoeing to get members outside of the confines of the gym walls. Aim to redefine the expectation people have of what a CrossFit Affiliate is all about.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.