3 Reasons to Keep Your Apparel Simple

10Fit Apparel

Does your Box’s apparel appeal to your athletes? When it comes to apparel, simpler is better.

CrossFit apparel is almost as important as the sport itself. Many athletes spend as much time online looking at the newest apparel as they do in the Box moving weight.

When designing apparel for your Box,  it is best to keep things simple. One or two color prints are normally the best.

Why simpler is better:

  • One or two color designs are usually less expensive. Spending less on apparel is a great way to create a larger profit for your Box.
  • Less colors usually means less design time. If you are paying someone to design, this saves you money. If you are designing yourself, this saves you time. Save time and money by keeping it simple.
  • Often, multiple colored designs on apparel can create “hot spots” on the garment. This is not appealing to the end consumer. Larger, multi-colored designs often require what we call an underbase that goes under the actual design. When this is the case, the print is thicker on the garment, causing a “hot spot.” During training this is very uncomfortable.

Keeping it simple creates a more aesthetically-appealing, comfortable garment your athletes will not only want to purchase, but also wear. This gives you walking billboards in your area. Keeping it simple gives you more time to devote your time to what you do best, training the next Fittest on Earth.

Keep it simple and watch your profits rise. For more information, visit 10fitapparel.com.