3 Passive Revenue Streams at Octane CrossFit

Octane CrossFit

We’ve all heard it before: What works for one might not work for another.

Regan Doele, a co-owner of Octane CrossFit in Phoenix, Arizona, repeated that mantra. “What works for one person, for one gym, doesn’t always necessarily work for you,” he shared.

It’s a lesson he’s had to learn and apply since opening Octane in 2015. Each demographic of a gym, even of those in the same city, is different. If a 5:30 p.m. class works at the gym down the street, it doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours.

But sometimes things picked up from other gyms do work. For example, sending out thank you notes to drop-ins or birthday cards to members could really take at your Box. Whether it’s gaining a drop-in’s continued service or building a relationship with a member, it can be powerful. Plus, Doele said checking on athletes that haven’t been to the gym in a while is a big deal as well. It all comes down to standing out. “You’re doing things other gyms are not,” he said.

Whether or not it works in your Box, it can be helpful to hear what other gyms are doing as it might spark an idea for your own Affiliate. Here, Doele shares three passive revenue streams that have worked well in his gym. Read them, ponder them and maybe try to apply them:

Leasing Space

At first, a physical therapist leased the upstairs space at Octane for $600 a month. It took down the cost of Doele’s lease as a whole, plus it pulled in some new members.

When the physical therapist moved out, a marketing team moved in. They do all of the gym’s social media, trading their service for the space, plus another small fee paid by Doele.

The best part is the marketing team understands Octane CrossFit. Doele said they tried previously to have a marketing team do their social media, but it fell flat. This partnership has translated into numerous more members for the gym. “Now we have people hitting us up left and right,” he said. 

24-Hour Access

In May, Octane CrossFit decided to invest in Hybrid AF, a system that allows 24/7 access to the Box in a network of gyms across the U.S.

“For me I wanted to give people the opportunity to do CrossFit that don’t want to be coached by us,” said Doele.

His biggest recommendation was you simply need to research it to see if it will work for you.

Outside Personal Training

Doele allows personal training at Octane, but not like you usually see. Personal trainers can come in from outside Octane’s staff and train their clients in the gym.

“I allow people to personal train outside of my gym, so they bring in their own clients, they set their own price and then I just take 20 percent of whatever they are charging, so they can come in whenever they want,” he said.

He said big box gyms often charge crazy rates to let trainers use their spaces. So, he’s given them another option that allows them to be independent and show their worth. Plus, it’s great marketing for Octane as sometimes clients come into the space, see the classes and end up joining the gym.

Owners Regan Doele and Andrew Bowden with Greg Glassman.

Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.