3 Highlights of a Well-Run Event

well-run event

A couple weeks ago, I competed on a team of six people at a local competition.

It was my first RX event and while some of the workouts scared the crap out of me, they needed another girl and I was willing. It definitely wasn’t easy, and I was definitely the weakest link on the team, but in the end I loved competing. There’s something about working together with teammates through the pain and hardship. And I felt so accomplished at the end of the day!

However, I would like to take a moment and focus more on the event itself. Held at my home gym, I knew the two people that planned it. While I didn’t see everything that went in to making the competition happen, I want to highlight a few things I did notice that helped it run exceptionally well:


For weeks, if not months, the duo in charge of the comp had been driving around town in order to get sponsors. They spent full days stopping in at local restaurants, massage therapists, apparel places, etc. When the competition came, we had a dozen vendors show up, and even more stick their names on banners hung in the main gym space. Plus, the prize bags were packed full of goodies and sweet takeaways — I’m talking $100 gift cards. One of the gals in charge of the event said they wanted to put together awesome prize bags in hopes of making a good impression on people, getting them to come back for future comps.


The Friday night before the competition, the gym got a makeover. We cleaned every square inch and every piece of equipment that was going to be used. A scoring desk was constructed, the tapelines for the competition floor were laid down and the athlete-only area was readied. But since we couldn’t lay things out until Friday, pieces of paper with what was going where — including where vendors would go — had been hung up on the walls earlier in the week, so that when Friday came, the roll out was smooth and painless. We knew exactly where stuff would go due to the planning for the planning.


Dozens of members from our Box came out on competition day to help out. Whether it was at the barbecue tent, judging, resetting equipment, working tables or taking out the trash, we could not have done it without them. And to show them how much they were appreciated, they each received a mini prize bag! They were essential to the event’s success and it was amazing to see them treated so well.

What has been your top learning experience from the events you’ve held? And how can you make the next competition you host even better?

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.