3 Cleaning Tips


Chad Cross, the Affiliate of CrossFit Long Beach in Signal Hill, California, has a cleaning company that comes clean the Box three times a week. In addition, the Box has a large-floor cleaning machine.

He also trains his coaching staff to clean the gym and bathroom after every class. It may seem excessive, but Cross quotes Greg Glassman, “Like Glassman said, the main thing is that you have to give a shit. If the owner is a slob, the gym will be a sty. It all starts at the top.”

Read three pieces of cleaning advice from three different Affiliates on how to keep your Box clean and why it’s an important aspect of your business.

1. Chad Cross, CrossFit Long Beach

Long Beach 2

“[The staff] is trained to clean the gym and bathroom after every class. It is part of our culture and begins on the first day of our Instructor Training Program. It is the first thing they do in every ITP class…Our culture extends to [our members.] We train them to put away their equipment when done and wipe everything off. We do this in our Enrollment session and during the personal training that comes after. So really they are exposed to this on day one also.”

2. Lecia DiPietro, CrossFit Gansett

CrossFit Gansett

“One piece of cleaning advice that I would give to other Affiliates is to tell members that the equipment is ‘ours’ and not ‘mine.’ This gives them a sense of ownership, and they’ll actually want to keep the gym looking nice. I do my part to clean the gym at least once a week, and I leave cleaning supplies out for them to wipe up chalk, sweat and any other bodily fluids. We have a sign with the rules up in the gym and also include the rules when new members sign up, so everyone is on the same page. We take pride in having a clean gym and I have received multiple compliments on the cleanliness!”

3. Brett Davis, Head of Business Development at NorCal CrossFit


“We are strong believers that having a clean gym is a key component for making our athletes experience as great as possible. Our goal is to impress our athletes every time they walk through the door and we understand that having a clean environment is important in order to achieve that.”

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.