3 Apps to Help You Stay Organized


It can sometimes feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to run your Box, coach a class and have a personal life. Extreme multi-tasking can sometimes mean nothing ever gets your full attention, and working on the fly when you have a couple minutes to spare could result in losing vital pieces of information.

However, there are thousands of digital apps available to help you get your organizing groove back. Below are three apps that might make your life and business run a little smoother. However, this list isn’t the only group of apps that may help you, so keep searching until you find the perfect app to get your life in order


Things is an Apple program built to help you get things done. It will break down long-term to-do lists into small segments, and helps you stray from using the messy notebook you use to keep your thoughts somewhat organized. One of the best features of Things is it automatically syncs your lists across all your Apple devices. You will appreciate this when you suddenly remember something you need to do while out grocery shopping. You can simply tell Siri to make a note of it.


Do you ever find yourself lost in a world of YouTube, wondering how you ended up watching videos of puppies playing fetch for hours on end? As much as people hate to admit it, their computer time can easily be distracted. With RescueTime you can see an accurate picture of how you spend your time online. The app gives you a detailed report of which applications and websites you spent time on during the day and, more importantly, how much time. You can set goals for the day to keep you on track and improve your productivity. If you don’t find yourself on your computer that much, you can also log offline time such as meetings, phone calls or your morning commute.


Constantly brainstorming ideas for expansions, new class offerings or revenue opportunities can take up a big chunk of your mind. With Mindnode you can visualize these brainstorming sessions. Your brainstorms are arranged in vertical lists organized in colorful webs that resemble a public transit map.

You start by writing an overall goal in the center, surrounded by connections, notes and smaller goals that will ultimately lead to the end goal. The canvas grows along with your ideas so you never run out of room on the app. Tackle projects as big as building on to your gym or as small as working out a new bathroom cleaning schedule.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.