3 Additional Programs for Your Gym

additional programs

When athletes join Badger CrossFit, they are assessed in five different categories of fitness.

Tyler Sullivan, the owner of the Box in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, said the tests allow them to pinpoint weaknesses in athletes. They can often see what will limit a person before it shows up nine months into their CrossFit journey. “What we’ll do is get them into CrossFit, obviously, because that’s going to start to solve a lot of their problems, but six to nine months in, we’re going to start to see these things we’ve tested come about and should be basically the hinderance to the success in their journey,” he said.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Sullivan said identifying weaknesses has allowed Badger CrossFit to create solutions. Whether it’s the gym’s endurance or strength program, or even its gymnastics progression templates, the offerings have been built up over the years to meet athletes’ needs. “Have something in place to identify those specific causes in their journey, and when you start to see the amount of things people have, you’re going to start to then be able to create the program people are asking for, more importantly need,” he said.

Here are several of Badger CrossFit’s profit centers and advice on running each:

Nutrition Lab

Sullivan said this foundational nutrition program is offered as both a standalone service, as well as an added benefit to current members. Even if someone’s schedule doesn’t allow for fitness to happen, they can at least nail down the nutrition piece. “We give them a lot of accountability, a lot of coaching, a lot of resources,” he said. “We teamed up with Working Against Gravity, which is a nutrition company which offers tons of resources for us to use for our clients.”

And whether you are a nutrition expert, or have to bring in a program from outside, Sullivan said to at least have some sort of resource. “Fitness without nutrition is like a car without wheels; it’s just not going to work. You need to do both,” he said.

Endurance and Strength Programs

These programs are based on an athlete’s goals. The endurance program could focus on a specific goal, like running two miles or a half marathon, or it could just focus on general capacity (but don’t make these three mistakes when running it). Same with the strength program. Some of it is led in class; some of it is online through the system TrueCoach. “They just need to put in the time; we provide the programming, the instructional videos, the skills and the know-how,” said Sullivan. 

Gymnastics Skills

Everyone has a skill they want to learn or improve. So, Sullivan and his team have created gymnastics progression templates they sell to athletes. Whether you’re starting with no pull-ups, or the ability to do one to three, Badger CrossFit has a template for that. 

While his members could go and just Google progressions, Sullivan said he wants his gym’s brand and Coaches to teach progressions. He’s already gained member loyalty and trust; why send them elsewhere? “People are coming to our gyms to solve specific problems, and we’re earning their trust and we’re developing a relationship with them; and when we started to create avenues for them to succeed, and we give them things to achieve those goals in their health and fitness and we tackle those hurdles, that’s when we start to see real success,” he said. “Because these people trust you already.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.