3, 2, 1, GO … GR3EN!

GR3EN energy

GR3EN redefines energy for the high-intensity functional-fitness community. This certified organic beverage is a pre-WOD “pick me up.” Athletes who drink GR3EN can feel the POP – Pure. Organic. Power.

GR3EN powers your WOD with three super foods formulated for function: green tea, coconut water and kale. According to Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, nationally renowned naturopathic physician and author, “Green tea, coconut water and kale are well known for their health-promoting properties. GR3EN is void of the potentially unhealthy ingredients found in conventional energy drinks like taurine, synthetic chemicals and artificial sweeteners.”

GR3EN is a pre-WOD ready-to-drink product. GR3EN’s claim to fame was a New Year’s PR challenge that made believers out of athletes and Box owners nationwide. The company says, “the proof is in the PR” and invites Affiliates to put GR3EN to the test by providing them with a free sample case for their Coaches and members to try.