2018 Top Business Insights Part One

business insights

We often learn the most from others. 

Whether it’s how they live their lives or run their business, there’s always a lesson to glean from those around you. In Part One of a two part series, let’s reflect back on some key points in the cover stories of 2018. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take a few more insights from these successful gym owners. 


Who: Jim Loperfido and Tristan Keeffe

Affiliate: Solace

Cover Story: Finding Solace

Business partnerships can be a scary thing. Will they work? Or won’t they? Funny enough, neither Loperfido nor Keeffe knew each other very well. “Honestly, it was a lot of alignment of vision, so that really was the foundation of when we got together and said, ‘Let’s do this together’ … It’s funny looking back now and saying five years ago if I had looked at this person I just met and said let’s get into business together, it does sound a little crazy in hindsight,” said Keeffe.

It was vision that got them through the challenge of their space’s cost – they were in New York after all. And it got them the investors needed to make their dream possible. They had to really quantify the market and know their exact steps in order to get that backing. 


Who: Taylor and Nicole Race

Gym: Elevate

Cover Story: Elevation Nation at Elevate

To Affiliate or to not Affiliate? That is the question.

Elevate’s answer was the latter. But, it wasn’t until after a lot of brand growth and debate. Rebranding from SPSC CrossFit to Elevate, they decided in November 2017 to unaffiliate. “What we were finding was we wanted to do other things,” said Taylor. “We wanted our program to be more comprehensive than it was, because even though CrossFit as a method is very general, there’s still a very specific type of training you have to provide, and that training over the years has gone into this very competitive atmosphere.”

They had come up against one too many barriers via the name CrossFit. And while the owners still love CrossFit in its purest form, they did what they thought best for their business. “I think a lot of Affiliates are in a spot right now where no matter what you do in your gym, you’re going to be compared to the best or the worst that’s around you,” said Nicole. “Since we’ve done it, we just felt like we opened up an entire new world of people we can touch and reach and help.”


Who: Melissa Roza

Affiliate: CrossFit Sanitas

Cover Story: CrossFit Sanitas is a Boulder Business

With 80 classes a week, amenities like a cold plunge pool and a variety of food options, CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder, Colorado, isn’t your average CrossFit gym. “We just wanted to open something that was really geared toward professionals and family and had nice amenities,” said Roza. “We tried to make it this place where you could come and get healthy.”

But she doesn’t just add things on a whim. Roza does surveys twice a year, asking members what they want. Even more, she asks them for feedback on Coaches. From there, she and her team go on a weekend away to talk about their goals and the survey feedback. “Those feedback surveys have been really helpful for people to grow because I think we’ve had a couple of Coaches who’ve had more of a militant background, and that just doesn’t jive with our members very well,” said Roza. “It was good for them to get that feedback in the survey.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.