2018 Top Business Insights Part Two

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It’s that time of year to reflect on 2018.

And we’d like to reflect on last year right along with you.

In Part Two of a two part series, let’s look back on some key points from the cover stories of 2018. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take a few more insights from these successful gym owners.


Who: Craig and Yvonne Howard

Gym: Diablo CrossFit

Cover Story: A Heritage of Sport at Diablo CrossFit

Competition is in the blood of Diablo CrossFit and its owners, Craig and Yvonne Howard.

But, that doesn’t mean it has become the all in all. In fact, competitive athletes are encouraged to get to know members and be part of the community. “Craig tells them, ‘You should do classes; that way the members get to know you,’ and he always reminds them it’s important for the members to know you because we do some charity events for them [to raise money for their competitions],” explained Yvonne.

In fact, during the 2018 Open, Diablo implemented the Intramural Open, an idea from Chris Cooper himself. It consisted of in-house teams, participation points and a whole lot of members signing up for the competition. It also helps that Craig himself is often in the thick of it, attending classes and demonstrating to his members he believes in what he sells. Read it.


Who: Justin Marcis

Gym: Windy City Strength and Conditioning

Cover Story: Living Big at Windy City

Treating Windy City like a business has not only helped the business grow but allowed Marcis to run it from 1,000 miles away.

As in, he literally runs the gym from Colorado.

It happened overtime to get him to this point. Marcis had to create a professional culture, work on his communication skills, perfect and challenge his systems, and more. While it’s been full of obstacles, including staff turnover and membership losses, Marcis never regreted his decision. In fact, it was the embodiment of what Windy City stands for, which is living big.

“I moved my family to Colorado in an effort to be an example. I’m not going to just spout about living big and try to do the things that I value, but actually live it,” he shared. Read it.


Who: Matt Scanlon

Gym: CrossFit Memorial Hill 

Cover Story: On Top of the CrossFit Memorial Hill

Retention is a huge part of your business.

CrossFit Memorial Hill started focusing on it after the founder, Matt Scanlon, realized it took an average of 18 months for a new customer to come through the doors. On top of this, he found those that stayed around the longest paid full price and for additional services.

So, they reconfigured the gym’s business model, onboarding process and membership packages. And, deep relationships are built with members because that is where real retention happens. “If I can give a shit, that carries over and surpasses a physical skill they’re ever going to learn from us,” said Scanlon. Read it.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.