2017 Key Affiliate Insights: Part 1

Affiliate Insights

Lessons learned can be incredible tools to propel your business forward. In Part One of two for 2017 Key Affiliate Insights, Box Pro Magazine looks back on its cover stories of 2017, pulling essential highlights from the six Affiliates who shared about their journeys to success:

January/February 2017

Who: Carey Kepler and Jeremy Thiel

Affiliate: CrossFit Central

Carey Kepler and Jeremy Thiel have gone through plenty of “break-ups” in the CrossFit gym world. However, they are still big on pouring into their Coaches. “A good Coach knows how to teach the squat and the press, but a great Coach knows how to manage the floor and the people on the floor in relationship and conversations and engage at a deeper level,” said Kepler. “Our mentorship we develop that our Coaches go through to become a full time Coach with us, we have a great one. I think that’s something we’ve developed that’s been really awesome.”

And over the years, CrossFit Central’s mission has changed for the better of its membership. “Take over the world and bigger is better might have been an earlier mantra for us. I think now it’s about excellence in our Box and quality relationships with our clients. And really focusing on that premise and really just strengthening our core of what we have,” said Thiel.

March/April 2017

Who: Kenny Kane

Affiliate: CrossFit LA

Mastery is the name of the game for Kenny Kane. At his gym, he looks to find a balance behind competition days, practice days and mental toughness days. It keeps his members safe and coming back for years.

“If we’re dosing people, and we’re overdosing people without consideration or conversation to the greater health, assuming that their movement mechanics and their own competitive interests aren’t getting the better of them, we put ourselves in a bad position,” said Kane. “One of the things we’ve done wrong is allowing people to go too far, too fast, too intense.”

May/June 2017

Who: Abby and Jeremy McDonnell

Affiliates: South Charlotte CrossFit, Beer City CrossFit and Rocky Top CrossFit

With three locations across two states, Abby and Jeremy McDonnell have seen CrossFit thrive in a variety of markets. However, that doesn’t mean they are getting ahead of themselves. “The biggest thing I think we wanted people to know is the CrossFit community was built on that raw template. Starting small, for Affiliate owners who are reading this, start small and only grow when you need to because I think that is the biggest thing that helped us is we don’t grow bigger than we need. And that’s what ultimately led to our success and being able to pay the bill,” said Abby.

In the end, it’s also essential to know who you are as a business. “Now [the market is] so saturated you need to differentiate yourself in some sort of fashion, so that all comes back to the infancy of the business,” said Jeremy. “Your mission statement – what is it? Who are you? Why are you what you are? What do people expect at your facility? All those types of things will ultimately come through in your branding, but I think that it’s important on some level to be able to rise above the CrossFit name itself in some way and have something that’s unique to you, rather than unique to the entire big entity that is CrossFit.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.