11 Business Ideas from the Leadership Summit

business ideas

What happens when you fill a room with people passionate about business and CrossFit?

Some would say magic. Others would say boredom. But the right answer is the Box Pro Leadership Summit.

From November 14-16, about 40 Box owners and nearly a dozen sponsors gathered in Louisville, Kentucky, for a two-day networking event. They dove into six roundtables, moderated by Kenny Kane of Oak Park, home of CrossFit LA. The topics ranged from nutrition to leadership to paying staff to diversifying revenue streams. A lot of ideas came out of the hours spent discussing these different areas that will hopefully propel the industry forward.

Below are just a handful of the business ideas shared at the Box Pro Leadership Summit. Read through them and hopefully your business will be positively impacted by one:

  1. If a member comes to you with a success story, redirect them to tell one of your Coaches in order to encourage and support them.
  2. Offer nutrition challenges to non-members. CrossFit Hard Knox has brought in a lot of new members that way.
  3. If you decide to rebrand, you need to internally market why it’s a good change.
  4. Owner Shaun Tieman of Hoosier CrossFit wanted to boost the gym’s Google reviews. So, he said he would do a burpee for every Google review submitted in a month’s time. He ended up doing over 500 burpees.
  5. During staff meetings at CrossFit Tigard P.A.W., they always start with any good reviews received over the past month.
  6. When raising membership prices, be super transparent about why they are going up.
  7. Think about different ways you can use nutrition in your community, whether that’s lunch-and-learns, or even a town-wide fitness challenge.
  8. Ask your staff, “How do you want me to address something if you’re doing a bad job?”
  9. Have your Coaches share success stories on social media about clients who are crushing it.
  10. As the use of technology grows in the fitness space, don’t let it detract from the one-on-one relationships that CrossFit is all about.
  11. Try out the local boutique fitness studios in order to see what they do really well. Then ask how you can apply it in your own gym.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.