A CrossFit Dad

Images by Heather Kelley Photography

Dads have a special place in the lives of their children, and vice versa. Scott Richardson is no exception.

He’s been a member at CrossFit Hershey in Annville, Pennsylvania, for five years. It was through his daughter that he found the gym and training regimen.

“My daughter was looking for personal training to prepare for her last AAU basketball season,” said Richardson, who is the principal at a local high school. “She knew she needed to take her training up a notch. Powertrain was not rigorous enough so we dropped into Crossfit Hershey and met the team there. She began to train with a Coach there and saw amazing results.  She kept telling me that I would love it, and after about six months I did a class and the rest is history. Next, my younger daughter came along and joined, and finally my wife who does an all ladies, no barbell class.”

The rest is history.

In honor of Father’s Day, Richardson dives deeper below on why he does CrossFit, how it’s impacted his family and his encouragement for the other CrossFitting dads out there: 

Box Pro: Why do you do CrossFit?

Scott Richardson: I CrossFit for stress relief. As a high school principal, my days are packed full with interactions, numerous decisions and leading people. When I step into the gym it is transformational. I am humbled by the work and supported by our community. No one there cares that I am the local high school principal; they just support my fitness journey and push me to be better. I have met great people at CrossFit Hershey. 

Also, when the army recruiters come to school and set up a portable pull-up bar, I am a hit because I can do some pull-ups in front of the cafeteria. I also CrossFit for life quality and longevity. I want to be fit to enjoy life to its fullest for a very long time.

BP: How do you find the balance between working out, working and family?

SR: Balance is certainly tricky. I certainly prioritize my workout each day.  My time to go to the gym is 4:45 p.m. and when I prefer to workout.  However, I can also do the workout at school or do a WOD at home. I know I am a better person after I work out. I can still come back to work if I have to. With my family, it is awesome to go to class where your one daughter is coaching and your other daughter is working out along side of you. It keeps our relationship solid and in tact. I am a better dad, husband and school leader because of CrossFit.

BP: Has you doing CrossFit impacted your family/kids in any way? If so, how?

SR: CrossFit has had a significant impact on our family. As I mentioned, all four of us have caught the bug. Our conversations at home are often about the workout, the workout tomorrow or discussing the sport in general. It has given all of us a healthy outlet as well as a community that takes interest in our kids and supports their endeavors. In addition, the friends we have made being at CrossFit have been great. This community has given us the confidence to drop in to a Box when we travel or design our own workouts.  

BP: What would you say to other fathers who do CrossFit? Any encouragement?

SR: Dads who do CrossFit are a special breed. I feel we are modeling healthy living for our families, as well as ensuring a lifestyle of fitness moving forward. I believe we are redefining what “dad bod” truly means. 

Scott Richardson hugs his daughter during her graduation at the high school where he is the principal.

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