10 Ways Not to Take Your Members for Granted


As a Box owner, we all like to have members. Besides the obvious economic reasons, membership provides the platform for folks to get healthier, Coaches to coach and the entire Box community to become closer in terms of social interaction. Yes – your Box facility, equipment, coaching and programming help to make it what it is, but here are 10 often overlooked items that can help to retain and grow your membership:

  1. Interact with Your Members. Know their names, say hello to them when they walk in the door and thank them for coming when they leave. Everyone likes to be loved.
  1. Keep the Workout and Entrance Areas Clean and Tidy. Would you want to go back to a place that has pool of sweat on the floor, tons of dust, equipment thrown everywhere and smells bad? Exactly. And clean up between classes, too.
  1. Clean Bathrooms. This is a no-brainer and the one I see most often overlooked at other Boxes I visit. No one likes the smell of urine or body odor, the lack of paper products or soap when they go to the bathroom. Check and clean the bathrooms often.
  1. Don’t be Cheap. Buy good equipment and fix it when it’s broken – your insurance carrier will thank you.
  1. Music Selection. Ask your members what music they want to play. I prefer electronic dance music, but most of my members don’t. They win.
  1. Give Back to Your Members. Place a bowl of mints or some gum at the entrance table. Have a free coffee and/or fruit bar that is always stocked. The few dollars that you spend on this a month will really be appreciated by the folks that are paying you well past $100 a month to workout at your Box.
  1. Keep in Touch with Your Members. Software such as Constant Contact allows you to send out a daily or weekly email to your folks and let them know what is going on at the Box, whether it is the next day’s WOD, welcoming a new member, providing a nutrition article or sending a link for the demonstration of an upcoming workout movement. My Box sends an email out every weekday night at 7:30 and it takes maybe 10 minutes to put together. Members appreciate the flow of information.
  1. Use Beyond the Whiteboard. This App allows your members to track their workouts for free and costs you as low as $35 a month. They appreciate it.
  1. Have a Good Foundations Course. Most folks that are new to CrossFit are initially intimidated by the whole concept. Have smaller courses for beginners to attend and teach them the basic movements. Once they “graduate” they will enjoy the experience even more, and so will your current members working out next to them.
  1. Keep Your Website and Social Media Outlets Up to Date. No one wants to read about your Box news from 2015 or try to contact you and the email doesn’t work. Take a few hours on a consistent basis to keep these mediums current and interesting.

Ron Del Duca is a business lawyer with over 30 years’ experience and is also the owner of CrossFit Mayview in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He can be contacted at 412.722.2552 or ron@delducalawoffices.com.