10 Podcasts Affiliates Should Stream


Podcasts are great for long road trips, walking the dog or streaming while cleaning the gym.

A lot can be learned from podcasts, if used as a lean-forward task. In our March/April print edition of Box Pro Magazine, our Last Rep feature, Jen Jacobs, shared she’s benefitted as a Coach from listening to podcasts. “That’s probably my big way [of learning]. Just listening to some CrossFit-related podcasts and keeping busy that way. And then trying to, when I hear anything from that, going into a rabbit hole of YouTube videos of CrossFit instructions or even mobility movements. Anything not necessarily CrossFit related, but just movement specific,” said Jacobs.

The best part? Not all of these podcasts listed below are strictly educational. Even top Affiliate owners and elite athletes have some fun while gaining knowledge from each other. No video required, you can learn about the best coaching cues and nutritional advice simply by listening to experts in those fields discuss best practices.

From nutrition to Strongman lifting, from business etiquette to CrossFit coaching skills, these podcasts cover it all. Instead of simply having your podcast on in the background or in your ears while you lift heavy, consider setting aside time to listen to these 10 podcasts that could not only help your business, but aid in coaching strategies as well.

CrossFit Radio


CrossFit Radio is a free service that is a part of The CrossFit Journal. CrossFit Media member Justin Judkins hosts this live podcast, which typically runs about 30 minutes to an hour. Each episode features one or two top athletes, but has been known to feature Affiliates, Coaches and HQ staff.

Barbell Shrugged


Barbell Shrugged is one of the more commonly known podcasts in the industry. In addition to their fitness-testing program, a new podcast is published each Wednesday. It’s dubbed as a “strength and conditioning podcast,” but hosts Chris Moore, Mike Bledsoe and Doug Larson also discuss tips for best movement practices, provide coaching cues, and discuss nutrition and mentality advice.

Wodcast Podcast



The name rhymes, so it must be great. Wodcast Podcast is also updated weekly and is hosted by Armen Hammer, Scott McGee and Eddie Ifft. Topics are broad, ranging from mentality to elite athletes. Eddie Ifft is also a professional comedian, so this show is bound to be a great ab exercise. 

Julie Foucher’s Podcast

As a CrossFit Games Athlete, Julie Foucher has taken what she’s learned from competing and turned it into a podcast. Many of her episodes include videos of her speaking to subjects, but are not necessary to watch. Though her podcasts varies in topics, she is great about inviting experts to speak on her show.

The Strength Coach Podcast


This podcast is great for business resources and Coaches. Host Mike Boyle not only discusses CrossFit, but dives into nutrition and results tracking, social media, and how to really tell if an athlete is fit. And he invites experts to talk with him.

 Primal Blueprint Podcast


Starting as a best-selling book by Mark Sisson, the Primal Blueprint podcast is focused solely on nutrition. Each week, Sisson or his partner, Brad Kearns, sit down with experts in nutrition — like Melissa Hartwig of Whole30 and Todd White of Dry Farm Wines — and discuss various programs and why nutrition is important to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Barbell Business


iTunes has rated Barbell Business the No. 1 podcast for fitness entrepreneurs. Through this podcast, co-hosts Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson — both also of Barbell Shrugged — Markus Gerszi and Jessica Webster hope to grow Affiliates and Coaches as leaders, nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and laugh.

Ben Greenfield Fitness


Recommended by Jen Jacobs, a Coach at Old City CrossFit, Ben Greenfield’s Fitness Podcast mission is to “show you how to get your body performing at peak capacity, with maximum fat burning efficiency and ideal hormonal and health status, in the safest and fastest way possible,” according to the website. Through his podcast, Greenfield discusses nutrition and best health practices. Also, there’s a video of him throwing a tribal knife on the homepage that is worth watching.

The Paleo Solution Podcast


With over 320 episodes, nutrition expert Robb Wolf uses his podcast to discuss not only nutrition, but also how clean eating relates to performance and a positive mentality. Wolf even goes deep into the topic, discussing best soil practices to grow vegetables and if there is such a thing as good fats.

Box Talk


Shameless plug. This year, Box Pro Magazine started its podcast, Box Talk, interviewing Affiliates and Coaches to not only hear how they got into CrossFit, but also about their best practices. From hosting events to providing nutrition advice to your members, we hope to give you practical knowledge to better your business.

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.