10 Lessons from a 10-Year Affiliate

CrossFit Greer

Ten years. That is a long time to be in business.

The Small Business Association states 66% of new businesses fail within the first 10 years, and only 25% make it to 15 years or more.

So, when you find a 10-year Affiliate, you know they’ve beaten the odds.

Jenn Green, the co-owner of CrossFit Greer in Greer, South Carolina, opened in 2009. With nine Coaches, a space of 5,100 square feet, and an average membership cost of $125, Green and the gym have seen plenty of ups and downs throughout the years.

As such, Green gave her top 10 lessons learned as a 10-year Affiliate owner in hopes other owners can learn and grow from what she’s experienced over the years:

  1. Chalk is messy. That is the reality of it.
  2. People and community matter. As such, people come before profit. And remember, it isn’t just about the number.
  3. Change is good.
  4. An expensive Big Ass Fan or a similar style fan is well worth the money you’ll spend.
  5. Movements are constantly evolving over the years. Be flexible on coaching them.
  6. If you take care of your equipment, as in routine cleaning and maintenance, it will last you much longer. Also, you must demand the members take pride and ownership in the gym and set the example in keeping it clean daily.
  7. You’re never done and never will be done. Continue learning, growing and making your gym, members and Coaches the best.
  8. Social media has made a big impact in the last fear years. No need to spend time or money marketing elsewhere; social media and members will do it for you.
  9. Invest in CrossFit Kids and the equipment for them. They are our future.
  10. Coaches must manage the time of a class. It must start and end on time every time. Programming is designed specifically for the time slot allotted.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.