How Blue Titan Fitness Finds Quality with Schwinn® Airdyne®

schwann airdyne

Eric Basek of Blue Titan Fitness & Self-Defense shared what his partnership with Schwinn Airdyne has looked like and why he recommends these products.

BP: Why did you partner with Schwinn Airdyne?

EB: Because Logan Farr, a Coach I just hired and a disabled veteran, is a representative for the company.

BP: What have been the benefits of the partnership to your business?

EB: The bikes are much more stable and well-built than the competition. I feel we’ll get better use out of them. The bikes are heavier, thicker, built with stronger parts and better screws. It feels durable and more commercial than other models.

BP: What have been the benefits of the partnership to your members?

EB: The quality of the bike is excellent! They love the variety in workouts. Just using the rowers gets boring; the bikes add a more balanced upper body workout with the lower half.

BP: Is there anything about working with Octane Fitness®/Schwinn Airdyne that has pleasantly surprised you?

EB: More money, but worth it for the quality versus the competition’s quality. CrossFit is “constantly varied.” Without a version of these bikes, you just can’t live up to the statement. They might be expensive, but owning a business isn’t cheap. These bikes are worth the investment.


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