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Michael McLinden earns his road rash as a serial entrepreneur, and consultant to health, wellness and fitness related companies in the U.S. and Europe with a focus on market analysis, branding and value creation. He has held executive management and strategic planning responsibilities in a number of regional and global advertising and marketing firms, including Mc|K Healthcare, which he co-founded and ran until 2014. He holds an MS from Purdue University and an MBA from TIAS Nimbas business school in the Netherlands. Email him at
  • What Traits Make You Successful?

    A is for alligator. B is for bear. I’ll bet that wherever you grew up or whatever language your parents spoke when you were little,...

  • Blame the Idiots

    In my last blog, I introduced the Road Rash MBA, an approach to business strategy and competitive advantage based on the idea we can often...

  • The Road Rash MBA

    My name is Mike McLinden, and I’ve spent the last 20-plus years helping companies across the U.S., Europe and Asia find ways to create value...

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